About Ethos 33

 Urban Expressions of Nature


Following years of individually working toward optimizing our skills and knowledge as multimedia artists, Ethos 33 was born when we combined forces.  As a result, our brand experience since its inception, intersected fashion, film, and music.  Perpetually evolving our craft, we also felt an urge to improve the consciousness of our mediums and create holistically beautiful pieces that spoke to both our inner and outer values.  This is where sustainability entered as a pillar of our brand.  Its addition transformed Ethos 33 to become our pedagogy in challenging the ethos of our time.

As a sustainable lifestyle brand, we integrate conservation efforts of our planet and people with high end quality and design.  We are motivated by broadening the concept of high fashion by providing an example that it can live consistently within a sustainable framework. We believe a healthier supply chain is a rich asset that has an important place at every tier and facet of creation. Conversely, we seek to diversify and expand the offerings within sustainable fashion.

Our brand is represented by a venn diagram.  It is a symbol of our coming together to create the Ethos 33 experience.  Our joint expressions are centered and individual ones strongly present at the periphery.  All three forms of expression are essential ingredients that combine to create the Ethos 33 lifestyle.